23 July 2012

Four little walls gets tarted up!


Today is a very exciting day. Partly because we now, finally, have actual Summer but mostly because I get to reveal the amazing new logo for Four Little walls! Yaaaaaay!

Before I get on with the big reveal I would like us to have a great big round of applause for the super talented and very wonderful Kendra Grey who's marvelous brain I have to thank for creating such fantabulous designs. *clapclapclapclapclap*

After laying eye's on Kendra's dolls house illustrations I knew she was the designer lady for me and made it my mission to harass and cajole her into working on something splendid for Four little walls. She gave in and I'm incredibly grateful! You should all please visit her website immediately and have a look see.

So, with out further ado I present to you our logo!

Drum roll please..........

Ta da!!

It's like when you get a new pair of shoes, can't stop looking at it! *peels face from computer screen*
Well,hope you like it as much Kendra and I do!

I'm off for a little lay down in the sun, need to calm down a bit before I tackle scary, spread sheet related jobs. Sigh.

Have a lovely day!


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