15 June 2012

Week 24: Cuddly quilt and cushions


Don't know about the rest of you but I could use a hug today so I thought we'd have a bit of a cuddle with this quilt and cushion set.

What I used:
Fabric (cut to fit your bed/sofa)
Co-ordinating fabrics for the pillows
Needle and thread (sewing machine if you have one)
Light weight wading

What I did:

Measure your fabric to fit the bed you're going to use it on and cut two pieces, allow room for sewing.
( Now's a good time to iron it flat too.)
Take the wadding and cut to fit the fabric pieces, it should be just smaller than the fabric as it's going to fit inside the quilt.

Pin the wadding to the reverse side of one section of fabric then place both pieces of fabric, right sides facing each other.

Neatly stitch around three of the edges, leaving one end open.
Carefully turn the whole thing inside out. The wadding should now be inside the quilt and both sides have the right side of fabric showing.
Neaten corners by gently pushing a pencil into them. You could also give it another quick iron.

WARNING: Do not iron your quilt if you've used synthetic wadding! I had a brain lapse and did exactly that when the quilt was finished, it melts the wadding and fuses itself to the inside of the quilt . Best case scenario, you have a super flat quilt and lose the lovely, puffy, detail when it's finished. Worse case scenario, you burn yourself, quilt goes up in flames.)

Sew up the last open edge.

The next bit I cheated and used the sewing machine for speed, you may want to do it by hand, either way works.

Decide on the pattern you want to have on your quilt, I went for a simple criss-cross pattern.
Using a small, straight stitch I machined through the whole quilt to create the patterned panel in the middle.

If you need a few pointers to make the pillows have a little look here.
I added a contrasting strip of fabric to one side of the pillows, attach this before your stitch the pillow together. 

So, aside from the minor melting incident that went quite well!

If you spotted my post earlier in the week you'll know that there's some exciting developments happening here, so mostly I'll be buried under paper work this weekend. Oh , and observing Fathers Day, a trip to the pub I expect.

Have a lovely weekend!