5 June 2012

Stuff & things: Brain block!

I was having quite a productive bank holiday, then I stopped for a minute to dust off this little house. Mistake.

I've had it for 4 years. My Aunty picked it up at a boot fair thinking I'd like a little project. It sat with a pile of fairy lights in it for a while, then I messed about with the paint a bit.
I papered the Walls for a Christmas scene for my old blog but now it just looks odd.


Strip it back and start again?

House, shop, bin?!

What would you do with it?!



  1. Bin?? R U MAD? =0)

    It could be just about anything given that lots of buildings are re-purposed as businesses/shops/homes.

    I'm going to go for farmhouse or a pub

  2. I agree - my first thought when Ilooked at it was that I would raise the floor/ceiling just a bit, turn the bottom into an old English pub and the upper floor into a wee bedroom/sitting room for the publican. A little stucco and beams downstairs, a trestle table or two with benches, a wee bar and a couple of beer kegs in the corner - I think it could be charming! Good luck. Let us know what you're going to do with it.

    1. Morning ladies!

      Loving the pub idea!! Thinking I may change the roof panel too, it's only taped on right now. Maybe a roof terrace for alfresco lunch/ mini smokers?!

      Thanks for the inspiration injection! :) x