8 May 2012

Bank holiday mischief

So in true Bank holiday tradition it rained the whole weekend here.
By Sunday afternoon I had cabin fever, I needed to do something, anything...my eye was drawn to the big dolls house. (the one that I'm not technically working on because I've been gutting and totally re-doing the little one.)

I blame the rain for what happened next...

Never liked the dining room anyway, probably why I've not bothered getting furniture for it yet.
Out came the paint.
Oh, and some wallpaper.
This is exactly the same as what I've used for the bedroom of the little house but I love it lots so don't think it matters?

Well that didn't take any time at all so thought I may as well get cracking on the skirting boards to eh?

Ta da!!
A tad blurry, more pics when it's finished properly.

Immediately I love this so much better than before!
No coving yet, that will have to wait for another (rainy) day.

In between coats of paint I also had time to get this table done.
I've never been a big fan of the dark wood furniture, mainly because the cheaper stuff (IE, the stuff I can afford!) always looks red and not very woody at all.

However, when a dolls house friend very kindly donated a bag of goodies to me in the pub this table was lurking inside. I'd been looking out for a table to paint up for ages but never liked the shape of them, this one was perfect!
Thanks Eileen! :) x

A few coats of white paint later and it is everything I hoped it wood be. Might give it a lick of clear varnish though, I like a bit of shiny-ness.

As you can imagine, all these little jobs took most of the day, fitting the last bit of skirting just in time for dinner.
Reward for my efforts = steak and wine. Life is good

Other bank holiday shenanigans included putting tiny tiaras on the dog + walk in Bluebell woods (in between showers.) Was super duper muddy, very pretty and we met a HUGE Great Dane.

"We are not amused."


  1. Love the difference in the room...soooo much better. And, give the puppy a squeeze foe me and let her (him?) know that the tiara looks stunning! - Marilyn

  2. Hi Marilyn!
    Thank you for the lovely comments, glad that you're enjoying reading! :)
    Consider the puppy squeezed, though i'm afraid she did not approve of the tiara and flicked it off in disgust shortly after I took the picture. haha
    All the best
    Kat x