6 April 2012

Week 14: Easter eggs

Today is Good Friday, which in our house, among other things, means day 1 of chocolate-fest.
Not gonna lie, I did just have a Lindt truffle for breakfast. Followed by eggs, (actual, not chocolate.)

To further celebrate the weekend ahead I am treating you to a mini-eggstravaganza (sorry, it had to be done at some point!)

What I used:

Sculpey - Cocoa bean & whipped cream
Fimo - flesh coloured
Fimo gold deco powder
Small paint brush
Assorted thin card
PVA glue
Assorted glitters, ribbons and trims to decorate

What I did:
To create the egg shape I roll small pieces of clay between my palms, trying to work it into that dip under your thumb (does that make sense??) , this works for me but if you find more than rolling is required make as much of an oval shape as you can and then gently squeeze one end to create a smaller, coned, egg shape.

Obviously a shade of chocolate is called for here but you can experiment with all sorts. For my 'golden goose' mix I used chocolate, natural and white, finished in gold deco powder. You may want to go for multi-coloured clays too.

As usual, follow the manufacturers instructions when it comes to baking the polymer clay. Have a test run with some scraps if you are unsure.

If you're using fimo decor powder, gently brush the powder onto the clay before heating.

While your eggs are cooling you can start making the little boxes.
Mark out a very simple box template on your card and carefully cut using a scalpel.
If you struggle with the template try printing one from a freebie, printable's site. Try Print mini.com for some guidance.
Fold the edges neatly and fix in place with tiny blobs of PVA. A handle is easy to add if you want more of a basket look, simply cut a strip of co-ordinating card and fix to opposite, inside edges of the box.
I lined my 'golden goose' box with some thin tissue paper and a few tufts of white feather.
When the eggs are completely cooled arrange at will in the box. I added a few more feathers for good measure.

For an Easter egg mash up, try mixing and matching different sizes, colours and bling. Coat finished eggs in glitter by rolling in a small amount of PVA before dunking into a saucer of glitter.
You could also recycle scraps of foil from your real Easter eggs to dress the mini versions.
Tiny beads, sequins and ribbons also look great. It's really what ever you fancy.

Well, that's it for Easter!
I'll leave you with a piccie of a new, little friend.
In case you missed this on Four Little Wall's Facebook page earlier in the week, my Dad sometimes works on a lovely farm. This little chap hatched during a tea break. Awwwww!

Happy Easter!

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