25 April 2012

Stuff & things: Wet Wednesday

Technically, this is a post about (wet) Tuesday, as in yesterday, but hey ho.

Yesterday was the zillionth day in a row of rain, hail, general gross, greyness, so, my mum, a sister and I hopped into the car and went to the seaside. Obviously.

We're not completely mad, there were two very specific motives for the trip.

1. Morelli's ice cream parlour, pretty much unchanged since it was first established in the 1930's.
It's pastel pink, bursting with gelato and we used to go there a lot with Nan and Grandad. So that's why we heart it.
Morelli's yesterday...

Morelli's back in the day!

2. There is a Dolls house shop around the corner from Morellis, Small World Department store.
We'll talk more about them another day, I may have picked up a little nik nak or two...
I love the table tops almost as much as the ice cream. Almost.

Recipe for the perfect rainy afternoon? I think so.
In your face rain clouds! *Blows a raspberry*


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