15 April 2012

100 Days of Four Little Walls: Giveaway

Today marks 100 days of Four Little Walls!!
That's 15 weeks into the 52 week challenge, phew!

To mark the occasion I will be taking the day off from mini decorating and indulging in some pink gin.Yess!

I also wanted to do a little something for all you lovely people that have been reading
(according to the counter there's been a fair few of you, though I'm pretty sure half of those were my mum.)
and have been generally splendid since I started the blog.

So, because I heart you, I'm giving away x2 'heart art' frames to one lovely reader.
To win, just leave a little hello here on this post and I'll pick a name from a hat next Sunday (22nd April).

Good luck!

Here's to the next 265 days!!


  1. Love your heart frames, and your blog is really inspiring. Keep posting. Nat x

  2. Love your frames was just showing them to Mr C last night and making a list of what I need :)

  3. A lovely giveaway, count me in please xx

  4. Loving your blog so much, 100 days down already! Looking forward to your creations for the rest of the year. Your beautiful frames have inspired me to start working on a matching calendar.
    Keep up the great work xxx

  5. What a lovely giveaway. Would you please count me in? Thanks!

  6. Hello :) I've just found your blog and enjoying it v much! Alice x

  7. Too cute. Please count me in your giveaway.