30 April 2012

House hunter: Wonderland glass

If you were at Miniatura in March you may well have spotted these lovelies on the Wonderland glass stand?

It was maker Jacqui's first time at the show, we got a super friendly welcome,and, she very kindly let me take some pics!

Specialising in 1:12 scale conservatories, room boxes and greenhouses these little buildings are fab if you're thinking of extending this Summer! Each one is made from scratch by Jacqui, using stain glass techniques, they're gorgeous as stand alone pieces or as a sweet summery addition to your dolls house.

There's lots of different colour options available and more designs being developed as we speak. Exciting!!

I heart the Alice in wonderland roombox, the floor makes my eyes go all Topsy-turvy!

For more info, pop over to the new website


28 April 2012

The Dolls house magazine: Four Little Walls column!!

Aaaaaah! I've been busting to spill the beans about this and finally the time has come!!
*does a little happy dance*

Those lovelies over at The Dolls House magazine have very kindly let me babble on for a whole page in their mag. Go and say hello to them here if you have a minute.
Starting from the June issue, which hits the shops next week, you can read up about my mini misadventures and other ramblings. Much the same as you'll find on the blog really.

Blurry, but you get the idea!

There's of course lots of other very exciting things happening in issue, with a celebration theme providing lots of inspiration for your small scale party plans, including some super cute, polka-dot bunting cut-outs for you to get your mitts on. Lovely stuff.

Oh, and you can also get the mag as an app for your phone...just sayin.


27 April 2012

Week 17: storage baskets


Today I'm making stack-able storage baskets. They're pretty versatile and, just like the real things, are great for dumping all kinds of stuff in when you're trying to look tidy!

What I used:
Thin felt in colour of your choice
Needle and thread
(or sewing machine!)

What I did:
For the larger of the two I measured a 4x4 cm square and cut five pieces from the darker felt.

For the smaller I measured 3x3 cm.
(if you wanted a whole stack-able set you could go right down to 1x1 or super size 5x5cm etc.

Note: if you want handles in two sides now is the time to cut them. Just snip a curved slot into two opposing panels.
I left this until I'd finished sewing and they turned out a little wonky!

I used pink thread to hand stitch all the edges together. In hindsight wish I'd just used a matching colour cotton but wanted to see what the pink stitches would look like. Oh well. This is how we learn!!

When you've finished stitching all the edges together ( I did this by hand which didn't really take too long but if you want to be super speedy, whizz them through a machine.)

Take extra care at the bottom edges, making sure you stitch tightly to the edges else you'll end up with gappy corners when you turn it through.

When you're happy with your stitching turn the whole square inside out, if you're a neat freak give it a quick press with a warm iron ( have something between the iron and the felt) but generally the square should hold it's shape nicely.

You're baskets are ready to fill with your mini bits and bobs, be it laundry toys or general junk.

Hmm.The more I look at mine the more the pink stitches are bothering me, have a feeling you might be seeing storage baskets: part 2!!

Have a lovely weekend!!

25 April 2012

Stuff & things: Wet Wednesday

Technically, this is a post about (wet) Tuesday, as in yesterday, but hey ho.

Yesterday was the zillionth day in a row of rain, hail, general gross, greyness, so, my mum, a sister and I hopped into the car and went to the seaside. Obviously.

We're not completely mad, there were two very specific motives for the trip.

1. Morelli's ice cream parlour, pretty much unchanged since it was first established in the 1930's.
It's pastel pink, bursting with gelato and we used to go there a lot with Nan and Grandad. So that's why we heart it.
Morelli's yesterday...

Morelli's back in the day!

2. There is a Dolls house shop around the corner from Morellis, Small World Department store.
We'll talk more about them another day, I may have picked up a little nik nak or two...
I love the table tops almost as much as the ice cream. Almost.

Recipe for the perfect rainy afternoon? I think so.
In your face rain clouds! *Blows a raspberry*


22 April 2012

And the winner is...

Natalie W!!

Thank you to all of you lovely ladies that left comments for the giveaway.
Quite enjoyed that, may have to do another one soon! :)

Thank you also to my glamorous assistant for picking out the winner!

Congratulations Natalie, please get in touch at fourlittlewalls@hotmail.co.uk so we can arrange getting your heart art sent out.

20 April 2012

week 16: Landmark canvas

Here we are again!

Before I get started with the project I just wanted to say a great big thank you to the lovely ladies that have left such kind words on the give away post over the last week. It's so good to know people are enjoying Four Little Walls, can't wait to draw the winner this Sunday!

This week's project continues on the theme of wall art.
There are some incredibly talented miniature artists out there who manage to paint teeny tiny, amazingly detailed master pieces.
I am not one of those people.
I can't draw or paint a picture to save my life, in fact despite retaking several modules still managed to get an E grade for my fine art A-level. Sigh.

It's for these reasons that lateral thinking is sometimes required when I'm making little pictures. Maybe consider this a cheats guide to art making?
Last week was essentially cutting and sticking, this week...stamping.

What I used:
London rubber stamp set by Yellow Owl workshop
Gold ink pad
Small square canvases

What I did:
I'd had this London stamp set from Yellow Owl Workshop for a while and had been racking my brains trying to think of ways to use it in the dolls house when I spotted some miniature canvases in a craft shop.

I'm not going to insult you with instructions on this one. You literally are just inking up and stamping as and where you see fit.
I went for gold ink leaving the background white but you may want to add colour to the canvas before stamping?
If you like the landmark idea Yellow Owl Workshop have a few more cities in their range among many other stamping treasures! Have fallen in love with the circus set, I see a mini nursery in the pipeline!
Or, if you're super skilled maybe try making you're own stamp? But that would be showing off. :p

The actual canvases are maybe a bit on the chunky side but once they're on the wall and looking fabulous you don't really notice.

Rather than try and squeeze Big Ben and a few Double Decker buses onto the same canvas I made them into a co-ordinating pair of prints. (I had to cut off Big Ben's bottom to fit him on but I'm pretty happy with the finished effect.)

Anyway, I hope this has given you a few ideas for some mini art of your own, please show me if you have a go at some, I'm very nosey.

Have a lovely weekend!
(don't forget you've still got until Sunday to enter the draw for the Heart art giveaway! )

15 April 2012

100 Days of Four Little Walls: Giveaway

Today marks 100 days of Four Little Walls!!
That's 15 weeks into the 52 week challenge, phew!

To mark the occasion I will be taking the day off from mini decorating and indulging in some pink gin.Yess!

I also wanted to do a little something for all you lovely people that have been reading
(according to the counter there's been a fair few of you, though I'm pretty sure half of those were my mum.)
and have been generally splendid since I started the blog.

So, because I heart you, I'm giving away x2 'heart art' frames to one lovely reader.
To win, just leave a little hello here on this post and I'll pick a name from a hat next Sunday (22nd April).

Good luck!

Here's to the next 265 days!!

13 April 2012

Week 15: Heart Art

It seems there's been a bit of hangover from Easter in our house. The supply of chocolate has not dwindled and we've had more lovely friends staying, helping us to eat, drink and be merry for the second week running.
Very nice too. Not much in the way of dolls house decorating happening though...
It is for these reasons and the not so little detail that I'm leaving the country (only for the day but at a very un-godly hour) that I've been ever so punctual with this Friday's post.

On with the mini making!
I wanted something for the walls in the little house that I could imagine on my actual wall, and so, settled on hearts. (Yes, I am aware that makes me a massive girl.)

Think there's going to be a few of these in the near future but for now, here's one I made earlier!

What I used:
'Love' table confetti by East of India Co.
Thin card in coordinating colour
Picture frame (various sizes) from wood-supplies
'Milk time' paint from the Nursery Paint Company
Small paint brush

What I did:
I kept it neutral as I haven't quite decided which room this will end up in yet.
Using a teeny brush I applied 2-3 THIN coats of 'Milk time' paint to the frame. Allow a little drying time between each coat so that the paint doesn't pool or clump around the molding of the frame.
That would be a shame.

While the paint's drying, measure the back aperture of the frame (that's one inside edge to the other) and carefully cut a piece of thin card to fit.
The more accurate you are the better, if you get the fit spot on you should be able to slot the card into the back of the frame snuggly without it needing any sort of glue, great if you want to change the picture later on.

Finally, I took two of the hearts and with the tiniest amount of PVA glue fixed them in place onto the card.


When the hearts have dried your picture is ready to hang/ prop up wherever you like.
For a more personal touch, swap confetti shapes for a shaped, paper punch to create your own hearts, stars etc.

Right, I'm off to grab some beauty sleep before my mini adventure tomorrow!
Have a lovely weekend.

Bon nuit!

10 April 2012

Stuff & things: Twiddling thumbs

You know when you have a zillion things to do, but you don't know where to start so rather than choose you do...nothing? That's what's happening here today.

So, basically the purpose of today's post is to

 a) make me feel like I DID something productive
 b) act as a distraction from the productive things I SHOULD be doing
 c) show off my candy coloured, super sparkly Easter nails and other treats from the bank holidays

...Ok, honestly, it's really just about the nails...and cake. It's a lot about cake too.

6 April 2012

Week 14: Easter eggs

Today is Good Friday, which in our house, among other things, means day 1 of chocolate-fest.
Not gonna lie, I did just have a Lindt truffle for breakfast. Followed by eggs, (actual, not chocolate.)

To further celebrate the weekend ahead I am treating you to a mini-eggstravaganza (sorry, it had to be done at some point!)

What I used:

Sculpey - Cocoa bean & whipped cream
Fimo - flesh coloured
Fimo gold deco powder
Small paint brush
Assorted thin card
PVA glue
Assorted glitters, ribbons and trims to decorate

What I did:
To create the egg shape I roll small pieces of clay between my palms, trying to work it into that dip under your thumb (does that make sense??) , this works for me but if you find more than rolling is required make as much of an oval shape as you can and then gently squeeze one end to create a smaller, coned, egg shape.

Obviously a shade of chocolate is called for here but you can experiment with all sorts. For my 'golden goose' mix I used chocolate, natural and white, finished in gold deco powder. You may want to go for multi-coloured clays too.

As usual, follow the manufacturers instructions when it comes to baking the polymer clay. Have a test run with some scraps if you are unsure.

If you're using fimo decor powder, gently brush the powder onto the clay before heating.

While your eggs are cooling you can start making the little boxes.
Mark out a very simple box template on your card and carefully cut using a scalpel.
If you struggle with the template try printing one from a freebie, printable's site. Try Print mini.com for some guidance.
Fold the edges neatly and fix in place with tiny blobs of PVA. A handle is easy to add if you want more of a basket look, simply cut a strip of co-ordinating card and fix to opposite, inside edges of the box.
I lined my 'golden goose' box with some thin tissue paper and a few tufts of white feather.
When the eggs are completely cooled arrange at will in the box. I added a few more feathers for good measure.

For an Easter egg mash up, try mixing and matching different sizes, colours and bling. Coat finished eggs in glitter by rolling in a small amount of PVA before dunking into a saucer of glitter.
You could also recycle scraps of foil from your real Easter eggs to dress the mini versions.
Tiny beads, sequins and ribbons also look great. It's really what ever you fancy.

Well, that's it for Easter!
I'll leave you with a piccie of a new, little friend.
In case you missed this on Four Little Wall's Facebook page earlier in the week, my Dad sometimes works on a lovely farm. This little chap hatched during a tea break. Awwwww!

Happy Easter!

4 April 2012

Shopping: Easter Etsy

Etsy keeps showing me sweet, Springy things I love, want but don't strictly speaking need. Sigh.
Here's a few little lovelies.

Click on the image to go to the Etsy treasury and the makers stores.


3 April 2012

Stuff & things: The Queen's Dolls House collection

Like dolls houses? Like Queens, Palaces, and general Royal splendour? You do?!
Well then, you're going to LOVE what's coming from those clever boys and girls over at The Dolls House Emporium!

DHE has recently revealed The Queens Dolls house collection.
It's regal, it's lavish, it's historically accurate AND it has the stamp of approval from the Royal family themselves, making the officially licensed, and I expect, highly coveted range, exclusive to Dolls house emporium. 

With the UK celebrating the Diamond jubilee this year there's a lot of love for the Royals right now and what better way to mark the occasion than with your own little piece of history?

Each piece in the range has been modelled on original items from the Queens Dolls house. From a beautiful roll top writing desk,the luxurious Four poster bed, delicate bonsai trees and sheets of shimmering, Damask wallpaper, each and every piece screams BUY ME!

And you can, but not yet. 
There's a lot of demand expected for this high-end, collectors range, which is due to go on sale in May. 
If you know there a bits you have got to have in your life then you can pre-order now to secure your pieces.

I'll leave you with a few sneaky peeks to whet your appetite!!

All images used with kind permission of  The Dolls House Emporium