Monday, 13 February 2012

Just in case...

Well, Valentines day is very nearly here.
While my plans for the day so far consist of a bottle of wine, packing boxes and weeping at tragi-rom coms (carefully selected for their brutal endings) I still hold out a little hope that Bradley Cooper will come knocking at the door, present me with a dolls house to die for while declaring to the world his unfaltering love for both me and 1:12 scale miniatures...
Alas, given my track record the man that comes knocking is more likely to be clinically insane, pissed, maybe a little bit of a closet gay but hey, a girl can dream.

So Bradley, if you're reading, a proposition much like this one would do just fine. (but please don't actually decorate it, I'd hate for you to get it wrong and me have to re-do all your hard work. )

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